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Japanese Pottery by YO THOM

After a degree in English Language, Yo came to Britain and started 3D design course at Kent Institute of Art and Design. During her introductory course, she was hooked in Ceramics and decided to take BA in Ceramics. She also started assisting a British Studio Potter, Lisa Hammond whilst at college, and carried on as a full-time apprentice after obtaining MA.

She established her own studio in London in 2004 producing hand thrown functional stoneware and porcelain with Carbon-trapped Shino Glaze and Blue Celadon glaze.

Now she is in the process of establishing a new pottery near Shaftesbury. She is hoping to develop new work in this new environment surrounded by picturesque British countryside, which would be an unique marriage of British and Japanese elements.

During our Japanese themed Dorset Art Weeks event, food will be produced by

Japanese Cuisine by Teruko Chagrin

[Image] I am a Japanese foodie and a nutrition enthusiast who has lived outside of Japan for over 20 years. I have seen a renaissance in the cooking cultures in different parts of the world. It is not hard to obtain exotic ingredients anymore and people are open to experimenting with new ideas. We are much more aware of choice, not only for our benefit, such as quality and price, but also to look after our planet for our children. It certainly makes me feel good to be concerned about things even if it is a little more effortful.

So I have created this website to connect with people who are interested in Japanese cooking trying to use local ingredients as much as possible. It is my small effort to take part in environmentally friendly activities. However, the basic ingredients for seasoning and making stock are mainly from Japan. Still, I would like to keep searching for substitutes here in the U.K and Europe. Please join me so we can share information to create delicious and healthy meals!

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Paintings and Paper Sculpture with PETER RUSH

Work by Peter Rush

Sadly, Peter has passed away. We leave his details and link here as a tribute to a talented artist and wonderful person.

Landscape Paintings and Paper Sculpture characters.

For more examples of his work, please see his webpage (link below)

Peter also ran courses at Higher GreenFarm offering insight into Peter's unique paper technique which is the foundation of his work. The sculptural technique developed by the artist allowed literally anyone to develop an artistic sensitivity and achieve unusual effects.

CLICK HERE to visit his website.

Paintings by



LAWRENCE ARTHURS' paintings and abstracts are loosely based on musical harmonies and rhythms with a strong geometrical basis, executed in oil on panel using traditional glazing techniques. Drawings are in mixed media and range from the figurative to the abstract, inspired by themes in music, poetry and literature

SUSAN WILLIAMS is essentially a figurative painter in oils, on canvas or gessoed panels, medium size. Drawings in mixed media compositions based on figure, interior, sea, landscape.

CLICK HERE to visit their webpage.

Paintings by LAURA RICH


My work is a combination of sketches and painting outside, photos, gut feeling and emotional state at the time. I am not trying to represent a landscape figuratively, although the starting point is always from my sketchbook and memory of a place. I am moreover trying to connect with how I felt at the time of sketching. The light, the weather and who is with me (often my daughter Evie who likes to sketch with me). What results is an intuitive response to those factors.

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Wire Sculpture Courses with PAULINE DAWKINS


Pauline Dawkins is a well known artist and sculptor. She is especially famous for her wire constructed garden animal sculptures. Pauline also runs courses for all ages, and you can make your own garden sculpture.

CLICK HERE to visit her website.


Metal Sculpture Courses with ANDREW DU MONT

Work by Andrew Dumont

Andrew Du Mont is a unique sculptor mostly working with steel to create stunning and unique art.

CLICK HERE to visit his website.

Stone Sculpture by PIPPA UNWIN

Work by Pippa Unwin

A range of stone carving with Pippa Unwin. Pippa has experience on a wide range of projects, including Salisbury Cathedral and Hampton Court Palace.

CLICK HERE to visit her website

Sculpture by GILLIAN DU MONT

Gillian produces work from life models. Sculptures are in different sizes and use different materials - bronze, ceramics and bronze resin. She has exhibited in various venues and welcomes commissions.

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Ceramics and Pottery by DES ALNER

Des works in a wide range of ceramic materials and techniques, from hand thrown ceramic forms and pottery to tile panel commissions. He will be demonstrating Japanese Raku Pottery at DAW and will provide opportunities for the public to have a go.

For more info about Des, please use the 'About Us' button to the left.

Digital Photography by DAVE MARTIN

Work by Dave Martin

Images by Dave Martin from 'A Man in a Hat' studio - gallery.

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Wood Block Printing by KATH LITTLER


Born in Milford Haven and now based in Dorset, Kath exhibits with the Society of Wood Engravers and in galleries around the UK.

Kath will be running courses during Dorset Art Weeks.

CLICK HERE to visit her website

Landscape Photography by CHARLIE WAITE

Charlie Waite is now widely revered internationally as the doyen of English landscape photographers. His distinctive style combining graphic finesse with an almost spiritual quality of calm and serenity is immediately recognisable.

With his legendary evangelical approach to the art, he has played a pivotal role in promoting the current worldwide renaissance of Landscape photography.

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NICK REID - Stained Glass

Higher Green Farm, Twyford, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 0JF

Telephone 01747 812593