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We run regular Childrens Art and Craft Courses during the School Holidays.

We also run occasional Adults Courses in Art, Pottery, Metal Sculpture, Paper Sculpture, Stone Carving , Textiles, Creative Writing, Illustration and Digital Photography.

            Take a look at the Arts Award Scheme as some future courses will be linked with this exciting development.                 All courses run from 10am to 3.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Please bring a packed lunch and wear suitable footwear - No flip flops!

Payment on arrival on morning of course by cash or cheque - sorry there is no card facility.

Inclusive of all materials and equipment.

Christmas Specials at Higher Green Farm

`XMAS` PRESENT MAKING with Esme Alner  .......  Saturday 15th December  an exciting day and opportunity for young people to make Christmas presents working from a wide range of materials and techniques. Presents will be gift wrapped to keep them `secret` for the special day.  Age 5+    £25

LINO PRINTING CHRISTMAS CARDS with Esme Alner .........       Wednesday 19th December.
An exciting day designing and carving your own lino cuts. Esme will teach the intricate workmanship of cutting and printing your own unique Christmas Cards for the `special `day.  Age 10 +    £25

Life Drawing with Martha Jarvis  ..........  Thursday 20th December.
An opportunity to develop drawing skills and techniques.  Martha is a very accomplished artist in life drawing and painting and will transfer her inspiration and knowledge to participants.  A range of materials and techniques will be offered and can be linked to Arts Award and school work.  Age 10+  £25

Christmas Merry Go Round Arts and Crafts with Martha Jarvis .......
Saturday 22nd December. 
An exciting day rotating through a number of themed art and craft activities including painting, batik, pottery, print making, collage etc.  We encourage children to develop ideas into their own creative statements using a wide range of techniques and materials. Age 5+   £25

Examples of courses that we run at Higher Green Farm Arts
Raku Clay Pottery
with Des Alner
A new venture 2 day course.
Raku is a famous Japanese technique which is serious fun!  Day 1: making a series of pots/sculptures and exploring the Raku Way.  Day 2: Their work will be bicuit fired ready to be decorated with glazes and put into a ready fired kiln at 1000 degrees centigrade - ten minutes later taken out and put into sawdust, then into water - clay work finished!!! Ready to take home . lots of smoke and fire but quite safe.  Look at website 'what's new' with Clover helping Des at a Raku Workshop. Age 8+ £45

Pen and Ink Illustration with Peter Rush
Peter began his career as an illustrator and writer of many children's books including BBC TV Jackanory and Heggarty Haggerty programmes.  This course will focus on producing a piece of work with an illustrated theme using pen and ink techniques.  Characters can be developed into an illustrated format for stories, animation etc.  This is a great opportunity to learn and develop drawing and painting skills with a professional artist.  We have a quantity of original illustrations by Peter here which will be available for course participants to view (they will also be on sale at affordable prices) Past students are welcome to develop skills further.  Age 10+   £25

Bushcraft Arts with Poppy Kavanagh and Esme Alner
An exciting outdoor adventure with Poppy using the grounds at Higher Green Farm.  Poppy is qualified with Scout Adventures and will provide the opportunity for children to build a shelter, cook a meal, learn bushcraft skills and look at the art of Andy Goldsworthy to make their own art/craft statements with natural materials. Children will need to bring:  Mug, plate spoon. clothing for all weathers etc.  Age  8+   £25

Sculpture Day with Des Alner
An opportunity to make a sculpture and develop a range of making skills including sawing, cutting, drilling, glueing etc. Students can choose from a variety of materials including wood, wire, metal, plastics OR
Transform and recycle old toys or junk into fun 'aliens' etc.  Students can choose one or more of the materials to use and will work with associated tools.  Skills and techniques will be taught in a workshop environment.  You could also bring your own old toys to 'upcycle' or swap!   Age 8   £25

Lino Printing with Esme Alner
An exciting day designing and carving your own lino cuts.  Esme will teach the intricate workmanship of lino cutting and printing to create your own unique prints which can then be mounted or made into cards.  As a summer special we will also be turning your prints into bunting and banners to brighten up your summer!  Age 10+  £25

Fantastic figures with Peter Rush
Sculptures with Peter Rush - Dinosaurs, Dragons, Fantastic wizards (H. Potter?), sports/ action figures or movement sculptures, Birds, Animals. etc can be achieved with his guidance and expertise. Develop your sculpture techniques using Peter's famous technique of building characters from a wire frame and layering with paper mache. Also working with heated plastics for detail and unusual features. Additionally, using Peter`s famous technique of making startingly realistic Insects to take home.         Age 8+ £25

Silver and Gold Arts Award with Julie Turner
Use the studio to spend the day working on your Arts Award Portfolio with guidance and advise from Arts Award Advisor Julie Turner.  A day especially for those who have finished their Bronze Award and want to make a start on Silver or who have started Silver or Gold and need some inspiration!  Age 12+  £10

Explore and Bronze Arts Award with Julie Turner
Find out about Explore or Bronze Arts Award and spend the day working in the studio on your portfolio.  Studio space also for those currently working on portfolios who need time to focus or some guidance on what should happen next.  Age 9+  £10

Stone Carving with Des Alner
This 2 day course will start with a visit to Marnhull Stone Quarry to see how stone is extracted and to appreciate how stone can be carved into exciting forms.  (Permission will be needed for transport arrangements).  Participants can choose a piece of stone to carve from the quarry.  Skills and techniques will be taught including working safely in a workshop environment.  This is an exciting opportunity to produce a significant piece of work for the garden or home.  Old clothes and stout footwear to be worn.  Age 10+  £45

Mad Hatters Tea Party with Esme Alner and Poppy Kavanagh
An exciting day using the 'Alice' theme to produce a variety of fun items.  We will work with a range of materials including clay, recycled materials, paint, glitter etc to make surreal works of art in both 2 and 3 dimensional forms.  There will be a 'Party' theme for the day so packed lunches could be fun!  We will provide Mad Hatters snacks mid morning and afternoon.  Age 5+  £25

Jewellery Design and Make with Sam Compton
Sam Compton is a jewellery designer/maker and teacher. Elaborate structures will be made including wirework into attractive brooches and jewellery.  A progressive course encouraging new students and where past students can continue to build on individual skills and ideas. This course is for all abilities.  Age 5+  £25

Vouchers currently available for :

Course Content Name Cost

Pottery Throwing Half day solo tuition on a pottery wheel. Des Alner
Portrait Caricature Have your caricature / portrait drawn Peter Rush
Stone Carving Contact us with your enquiry Pippa Unwin
Wire Sculpture Contact us with your enquiry Pauline Dawkins

More information on Course Tutors can be found on the 'Artists' page.





All courses will take place at :

Higher Green Farm, Twyford, Shaftesbury, Dorset SP7 0JF

Telephone 01747 812593

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